Monday, August 08, 2011

Oh, Mario.............!

Anyone who has ever had the faintest interest in interior design has to have come across the work of American designer Mario Buatta.......known as the 'Prince of Chintz'!

He has the ability to take any space and turn it into an English country setting.  He is the first to admit, though, that his rooms "do not appear overnight from a department store showroom"......nor should they.  He is a firm believer in collaborating with his clients so there are never any surprises.  The final results of his rooms evolve with a great mix of antique and new furniture, his wonderful mix of fabrics - chintz, stripes, ginghams and his beautiful background colors that bring his rooms together.  I also love that he appreciates 'collections' and displays them appropriately....his personal dog art collection is a delight!

I have chosen his floral, feminine rooms to post here, but this designer knows no bounds......his masculine rooms and his gender neutral rooms are to die for.  His interiors are such classics! 

The following rooms are samplings from some of the many different homes he has designed.

Hope you enjoy his look as much as I do.......

This is the first Mario Buatta room I ever saw and I have been
hooked ever since.
Kips Bay Show House
House Beautiful cover back in the 80s and I still have it!

All photos via Architectural Digest
Last photo from House Beautiful

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    I loved ur Interior Decorating of ur house for all room are simply nice and good to see........

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