Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Genghis Khan at The Plaza

Speaking of the Westminster Dog Show, Martha Stewart showed her chow-chow, Genghis Khan, who took Best of Breed!

While in the city for the show, they (yes, they!) stayed at none other than The Plaza!  And not only did Genghis Khan get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings once enjoyed by Eloise, he also managed to dine in the magnificent dining room!

And served water in a silver bowl!  Nothing is out of bounds when it comes to treating Genghis like the royalty he is!

Genghis Khan at the Plaza

"A drink, my dear?"

"I'm ready for walkies!"

"That was a lot of hard work - I'm exhausted!"
His black tongue is normal for a chow.

All images via Daily Mail

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