Monday, May 13, 2013

A 'Little' English Hideaway

Good morning, Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend and are all revitalized to start another busy week!

I've spent some time over the weekend clearing and sorting.......again!  I have a stash of tearouts from old magazines that I will never part with.  I've been tearing out memorable pics for years........long before blogging and pinterest, so I am going to share some with you occasionally and I'm starting today with a little hunting lodge in a "bucolic valley" somewhere in England.  What's so exciting about that, you ask?

Well, besides its innate charm, it happens to be the very small getaway of Anthony and Jennifer Little.......the renowned co-founder and creative director of Osborne and Little, the world famous fabric and wallpaper company.

The Littles fell in love with this dark, cold and cheerless lichen-covered lodge knowing full well what it's potential was.

So, they set about cheering it up and adding their own English country charm.  Since it's situated beside a river, it seemed only logical to use a nature theme and furnished it not only with appropriate wallpapers and fabrics, but added antique fishing rods, stuffed birds and botanical prints.

Being as small as it is, Anthony enlarged it by changing a few things about.  See his list of size enhancing ideas below.


Photos by Brian Harrison/Red Cover


  1. I love your little cottage posts they are my favorite! I also keep magazines and periodically i will go through and cut out and put my favorite keeps in a scrap book.

    1. Thanks, Tonya! So nice to hear your comments.............there's nothing quite like a 'small' cosy and quaint!

  2. So helpful! We're debating whether to remove the ugly and inconvenient door between our lounge and kitchen but we're worried it might be cold. A curtain would look great and solve the problem!!!