Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ralph Lauren Roomsets

While browsing the net recently, I happened upon the site of mcowenandbanks.co.uk...........an interior design company based in East Sussex, UK.

Turns out Peter Banks does 'roomsets' for Ralph Lauren and it didn't take me long to fall in love with his warm, cosy, inviting English interiors.

The first two images below are among the first of many unforgettable images I saw in New York city on my last visit.  Yes, it was a 'roomset' at Ralph Lauren's Madison Avenue store and by the time I got to the top floor and walked into this room, I felt like I had been transported to the south of France.......and I was in love! How could I not be?  Can you imagine walking into a room like this and not 'feeling' the ambience...........oh yes, I felt it all right......like a bolt of lightning!  It certainly perked me up and really gave me a whole new awareness of 'interior design'.........it was an impeccably designed room......that is, I could have moved right in and felt at home immediately!

Hope you enjoy and as always, I appreciate your visits and look forward to your feedback!

Have a great day!

Above images Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York 2010

Ralph Lauren - Watch Hill 
I absolutely love this summery, coastal look!

A Ralph Lauren cottage bedroom.........love it!

Isn't this English interior dreamy?

Above 3 images, Peter Banks of McOwen and Banks for Ralph Lauren
English Mansion Roomsets

Peter Banks for Ralph Lauren
Country House Roomsets

Peter Banks for Ralph Lauren
North Atlantic Roomsets


  1. Really enjoyed seeing these lush, colorful rooms. So tired of all the white everywhere except in kitchens and baths.

    1. Happy to hear you enjoy color.......as do I! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I must say that I am happy you survived! And then to thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I have grown weary of the 'Pottery Barn' and 'Restoration Hardware' looks that seem to be dominating different sites. I love color and mixed patterns. It allows a persons different tastes to be displayed and enjoyed!

  3. Adore these lovely roomsets, thank you so much for hosting this gorgeous website. I've saved to Favourites and will enjoy coming back again soon.

    1. Thank you, Polly - these rooms are really inviting, aren't they?