Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An Early William Diamond Design

As a followup to yesterday's Baratta post, I thought perhaps the true fans of Diamond Baratta might be interested in seeing an early (1980s perhaps) Manhattan apartment designed by William Diamond.

You will recognize his hand in these images, but it was long before they formed a partnership and amassed their unique group of artisans for their personalized details.

This post could just as easily have been about 'Animal Art in Decor', as that seems to be the main theme can never go wrong with animal art and it adds a wonderful touch to the mix of quilts, tartans, chintz, hand hooked rugs, needlepoint and antiques.  Overall, the owners wanted a very relaxed 18th - 19th century look, so they shopped carefully for their choice of antiques.  Diamond went with vintage trunks to act as coffee tables, as coffee tables weren't really available in earlier centuries.

Now that William Diamond has retired, Anthony Baratta continues to forge ahead solo.


A contemporary hand hooked rug.

Love the pastoral art among the other treasures.

Plube, their black lab.

Dog art, dog books and another pastoral art piece.

Needlepoint dog.

The den with more needlepoint and quilted animal pillows and wall art.

See the reflection in the dining room mirror.

Hooked dog rug and their two pets.

Quilts and chintz.

House and Garden

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