Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boca Grande Villa

This Boca Grande, Florida, home owned by interior designer Nancy Morton and her husband, Bill, is a real charmer...........and I love everything about it.

Nancy, president of Ginger Lily Interior Designs, and her husband inherited this four-bedroom villa and she has been lightening and brightening it ever she says, "it's a bit of an obsession now" and the changes are ongoing.

Looks perfect to me just as it is...........


(To read more about this home, go to Architectural Digest.)

Ranch style storey living!

Plunge pool in courtyard.......what a great idea.....a pool just big enough to wade in and cool off!

Nancy at home

Living room detail

Pecky cypress panelling in living room

Master bedroom with trompe l'oeil border on wall

Cypress beamed loggia - gorgeous!  All the trompe l'oeil art by Bob Christian.

Dining room walls with trompe l'oeil chinoiserie

Chinoiserie detail in dining room

Guest room perfection

More guest room perfection!

Architectural Digest

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  1. beautiful alot of this is my taste