Monday, September 16, 2013

Adrienne Vittadini in Florida

What a wonderful life!

Adrienne Vittadini, former fashion designer, designed her family getaway in Florida several years ago.  Coming upon it recently, while perusing some of my Veranda magazines, reminded me just how much I liked it when I first saw it and I can truthfully say I like it just as much today!  It's timeless!

Using a mostly white background in her interiors, Adrienne added splashes of color with earth tones and the beautiful citrus and green tones of nature to help bring the outdoors in.

It certainly offers a serene sense when looking at each of the rooms and I can appreciate why the Vittadini's decided, upon settling into this vacation home, that they didn't plan to be uprooted any time soon!


Adrienne in her Mini Cooper with pet, Pici

Veranda 2007

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