Friday, January 15, 2016

La Cornue Ranges

As a followup to the Aga ranges, I thought it might be fun to check out the La Cornue ranges from France......especially the colors.  After looking at the Agas, I had concluded that the cream stove would be my first choice, but with the La Cornues and all the brass trim, I think I might choose the green, even though black seems to be the's gorgeous, but black is just not me......I love brighter, more cheerful, colors.

What about you?  

It's fun to dream once in a while!!

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (below), the La Cornue range is "the Bentley' of kitchen appliances.
La Cornue
La Cornue, a French company founded in 1908, is "the Bentley" of kitchen appliances, says Palm Beach designer Jack Fhillips. Each of La Cornue's cast-iron Ch√Ęteau Series ranges are hand-made to order in a factory outside Paris, according to Anne Puricelli of La Cornue distributor Purcell Murray Company.

The brand's signature is the vaulted shape of its oven, but La Cornue also is beloved for its design and many options for customization, Mr. Quinn says. Buyers can choose from 30 colors, such as "Lafayette blue," and "almond green," and 12 different trims, including chrome, brass and copper. Buyers also can create a custom color, such as the orange shown here, Ms. Puricelli says.
Price: Starts at $46,000 (Grand Palais 180) (which would be $65,414 CAD as of today, January 14, 2016).

House Beautiful - Burgundy

House Beautiful - Green

Artes Magazine - Blue

Susan Burns Design - Black

Colleen Locke - Domino
(This is a perfect example of a small kitchen with a La Cornue - just perfect)

Betty Lou Phillips' kitchen via Cote de Texas

My Domaine - Copper

House Beautiful - Stainless Steel

Garrison Hullinger - White

Decorpad - Navy


  1. Wow, those are gorgeous works of art!

    1. They sure are! Simply gorgeous! Love all the colors!

  2. I don't know how you do it, day after day, finding and sharing such beautiful homes. Your blog is delightful and I am always so happy when it appears in my inbox! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! So nice to hear that you are enjoying my posts........I am more than happy to search for lovely homes and ideas and even happier to share them! Have a wonderful day!