Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Palm Beach Villa

After a couple of days of black and white images and cloudy skies in Charlottetown, I need a dose of sunshine!

So-o-o-o, let's take a little trip to Palm Beach where sunny skies pour down over what is considered the prettiest town in all of America.

Strategically situated on the waterfront sits a grand villa that exudes sumptuous charm inside and out. You need only to glance at the yellow stuccoed, Palladian featured villa, surrounded by palm trees and stone balconies and stairs, to realize someone has given a lot of thought to making the most of its very special circumstances.

Having purchased this 1920s John Volk designed home years ago, the present owners worked with architect, Thomas Kirchhoff, to bring the home up to its present standards.

The American diplomat and his wife had spent stints in Europe and with her background in design and love of art, she has managed to lighten and brighten the previously darkened interiors with her swaths of custom colored Donald Kaufman paints in shades of blue that blend beautifully with the sea and sky.

With her wonderful shades of blue on the walls, blue and white ceramics, vases of fresh flowers throughout, mirrored furniture (for reflection), antiques, unique art work, and scads of luscious fabrics, the overall result is a breath of fresh air.

Notice the Picasso and Matisse studies on each side of the fireplace.  The buffalo check window treatments certainly lend a relaxed feel to the living room.

The dark antique Chinese cabinet holds Roman glass.

Love this mirrored hutch filled with a collection of blue and white ceramics.  Notice, also, the fabric panelled walls.

Soothing, calm and so, so pretty!

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  1. What a gorgeous home! A little formal for my casual (read simple") life but beautiful nonetheless. The chandeliers in the dining room and breakfast room are beyond fabulous.