Friday, June 03, 2016

A Room of Her Own - Charlotte Moss' Sleeping Porch/Study

I thought you might like to see where Charlotte does her collage art that I posted about earlier this week.

As you can see, she has all her magazines and collage supplies nicely tucked away in the bookshelves behind her bed.  There's a divan under the window with lots of light for browsing through her magazines for ideas.  An antique  daybed to stretch out on for a power nap, or as Charlotte says, "a perch for Oscar and Daisy while I work". An architect's desk where she cuts and pastes her collages. And a writing desk.

Charlotte's architect's desk

This is what the sleeping porch looked like before Charlotte re-decorated as seen in the first three images.  Notice the painted floor is the same in all images.

Charlotte Moss' Sleeping Porch
East Hampton Home

To see more of Charlotte's East Hampton home, please click here.

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  1. Perfect getaway! Will have to look for more images of her East Hampton home...