Tuesday, July 05, 2016

A Charming Second Home

Would you believe, by looking at the cottage below, that it is only 774 sq. ft.? The overhang covering the outdoor living space makes it look so much larger, doesn't it?

Greg Presley and his wife, Lois, bought a run down cottage on Walloon Lake, Northern Michigan, with the idea of renovating, but upon inspection found too many problems, so they decided to tear it down and build a new weekend home.

As an architect, Greg was able to use several space enhancing ideas to make this small home live large.  It's amazing to think they can sleep up to 14 people here.  But what isn't shown in the article is the cozy loft above the porch that sleeps six!  I would love to have seen the space!  Also, the living room sofa is a sleeper sofa.  Bunk beds in the small room and then there's the master bedroom.

Greg said the high ceilings, tall windows and whitewashed beadboard interior helped to de-emphasize the cottage's diminutive interior.  

The kitchen was designed so that everything can be reached within two steps and the open upper cabinet gives a feeling of added spaciousness.

The living room/dining room are all in one space.

The living room is just a knockout - very striking and absolutely charming and cozy.

What a bright, light filled charmer!

There are two arm chairs opposite the sofa.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing the leg work of getting all the pretty houses out where we all can enjoy them. There certainly are some pin worthy ideas..Happy Wednesday..Judy