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Monday, August 08, 2016

Megan Winters Interiors II

Last week I introduced you to some colorful rooms by Megan Winters here.

Today, I wanted to share Megan's own home with you.  Some of the rooms I posted last week were from this home, but I wanted you to see the whole house in context.

As you enter the foyer, you will see a lot of black and white. Upon entering the living room, gilt accents appear in the mainly black and white interior in the form of artwork, mirror/picture frames, antlers, lamps, etc.

Bright color doesn't really appear until you reach the black, white and hot pink den.

And then it really stands out in the private rooms - the bedrooms.  

All in all, a most striking home with such high contrast colors with a splash of gold and the bright tones strewn throughout.

Allison Cosmos artwork.

Love the two-tone settees in the dining room.

Just a touch of red here to accent the black and white.

Family room.

I love this black, white and hot pink room.
Notice the Hermes throws on the chairs.
Megan loves Hermes as you will see.

Gorgeous bedroom!

Daughter's room?

So pretty!

Here are more Hermes pieces in their signature orange.

Interesting hallway with Hermes boxes.

Allison Cosmos artwork.

Hermes orange on the patio.

Black and white terrace furniture.

To see more of Megan's interiors, click here.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Megan Winters Interiors

Megan Winters is a rising star and influence in the world of interiors.

After having built her high end printing business to the point the company needed more space and warehouses, Megan took it upon herself to design and decorate the new spaces.

Before long, she was decorating for family and friends and in 2009 established her own interior design business.  

Her use of color saturated rooms is notable, but many of her rooms are black and white with gilt accents.......and all her rooms are very striking!

I'm featuring some of her more colorful rooms today from some of the many projects she has completed........