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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Picnic Pleasures

Well, I learned something new again this week.........I learned that this is International Picnic Week.  Yes!  Who knew?  

Apparently, it began about 10 years ago in Britain and is now a national holiday in some countries.  So, this happens to be the week to begin summer picnicking, if you haven't already begun..........June 11 - June 19th and Saturday, June 18, is International Picnic Day.......and it is celebrated on the same day every year.

So, when did picnicking actually begin?  It's believed to have begun after the French Revolution and according to, it was most likely started when the Royal Gardens were opened to the public for the first time for the French to visit and bring along their own food.  It was popularized during the Victorian era as a way for the very wealthy to dine and socialize informally without the restrictions of formality and etiquette.  

What picnicking was like then......usually in a park or open space.

Picnicking today is a whole new production.  The British even recommend places to picnic such as the moors, or the beach, or national parks.  But, the best bet is to keep it simple and picnic wherever you could be your own backyard!











How about a tailgate picnic?



Or a boat!

And don't forget that Father's Day is this weekend!
Another excuse to picnic!!

 Cath Kidston  Picnic Basket
(My favorite!)

Cath Kidston Picnic Blanket

Emma Bridgewaater Picnic Blanket

Laura Ashley Picnic Blanket

As usual with any subject, the picnic ideas were endless!  Where to stop?  There were food ideas, beverages, places to go, games to play and endless shopping for such beautiful picnic baskets, blankets and supplies.  I ran out of time on this one!  But, in Canada and the U.S., check out Wayfair, Victorian Trading Co., Amazon, etc. for picnic supplies.

I can assure you that putting this post together was a 'picnic'!

Happy picnicking and happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Decorating with Red

Red!  The color of passion, fire, power, stimulation, energy and romance!

Unlike most colors in a palette, red evokes emotions.  What other color can you think of that can bring out so many different responses or describe so many situations,  such as a 'red hot' romance celebrated with red roses, a scarlet woman, 'red carpet treatment' just to name a few.

When a woman wears a red dress, she is noticed and remembered, just as a man will wear a red tie to standout and exude a semblance of power.  Red indicates danger and is the color of fire...... is used on fire engines, stop signs and, of course, red lights.

In decorating, just as blue is calming and green is serene, red is stimulating.  Whether to use a lot of red in a room, or just a splash of it here and there, can be determined by the use of the room, as well as the personality and emotional wellbeing of the homeowner. 

This color not only stimulates our appetites, but our emotions, in which case if you feel you need a lift or want stimulation, then by all means, use red.  If you feel your life is already in overdrive and you want to relax when you get home, red would definitely not be your first choice of color.

I'm sure you've heard before that restaurants often use red to stimulate their diners appetites....well, that's true. And I have heard 'never use red in a bedroom or you'll never be able to unwind!' and whatever you do, never use red in a nursery or kid's room if you want a calm and happy child!

Having said all that, take a look at the rooms below and see how many red bedrooms there are.  As stimulating as they may be, they are also warm, cosy and welcoming.  

Some of the world's greatest artists, designers and decorators use red with abandon - just another indication of their passion for life and living!  From rustic to regal, it's a knockout!


Carolina Herrera's daughter in family living room

Traditional Home

BHG Cottage bunks

Cath Kidston's kitchen, London

Charles Faudree's living room

A Charlotte Moss guest room

A Tom Scheerer bedroom

Framed fabric BHG

Galen Weston's Florida home

Katrin Cargill design

Gingham and toile bedroom Toby West

Red vignette

Katrin Cargill design

Lynn von Kersting dining room

Michael Smith design

Red frames Tumblr

Mary MacDonald living room

Real Simple

Sue Ellen Gregory

Carolyne Roehm vignette

Carolyne Roehm