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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pretty is Back

This beautiful Dallas home decorated by Cathy Kincaid is a real delight to pore over.

The trelliswork is a wonderful addition to the interiors as it gives a feeling of bringing the outdoors in.  Also, the color chosen for the wall behind the trelliswork gives the room a very calming feeling. Apparently, this house was originally a Tudor with very dark interiors and dark woodwork throughout.  The transformation is spectacular.

This family has kids and dogs, so although the interiors may appear to be a little formal, in actuality all the rooms are well lived in.........a total English country ambience.


The solarium where the family entertains.

Hand painted floor and high gloss ceiling.

Egrets on palm wall bracket.

Notice the high gloss ceiling.

A small dining table in bay window of dining room.


Extension of solarium.

Family room.

Two storey glass wall behind floating staircase floods the area with light.

Such a cozy master bedroom.

Sister Parish influenced attic guestroom.

Antique desk now vanity table.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Southern Charm

Hi there!

Another beautiful sunny day here in Charlottetown.........maybe I'll get three walks in today with our little dog, Ruby.......she's always ready for another adventure around town.

But first, I must share this southern mansion with you.  It was featured on the decorating show "Southern Charm" last year in the U.S., but unfortunately we don't get that show.  I have only heard about it.  Thank heavens Architectural Digest had the good sense to publish the article - how else would we get to see such spectacular homes if not for the plethora of design magazines out there?

You know there are some interior designers whose work is so spectacular it actually makes my heart palpitate.  Mario Buatta does it to me every time.  His designs never fail to get my heart pounding. While I love everything he does, it seems to me it's his bedrooms that are so outstanding.

This Charleston home he designed for Patricia Altschul is perfection throughout.......from the entrance hall to the kitchen.  Not a thing I would change if I were to move in there tomorrow!

However, my personal favorite rooms in this house are the two bedrooms and the master bathroom with the toilet in the chinoiserie cabinet......leave it to Mario to come up with that detail!

Absolute perfection, as always!


To start with, the exterior of this house is soft pink with green shutters.  My favorite color combination!

Patricia Altschul

Mario had this floor hand painted over the original wood floor.  Notice the silhouettes up the stairwell.

Entrance hall with another hand painted floor.

Double living room with Mario's signature chintz fabrics, beautiful colors and English country coziness.

Wall murals and round table - the best.

I even love that the kitchen floor was left in a rustic state.....
Smoochie and Monty oversee the work in the kitchen.

Sitting/morning room with dog art.

How inviting is this cherry red library?

Masterpiece - what more can I say?

And another masterpiece - Patricia's master bedroom.

And finally, the piece de resistance - the master bathroom complete with large screen tv, soaking tub, easy chairs, painted floor and dressing table - with the toilet concealed in the chinoiserie cabinet.

Architectural Digest

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ralph Lauren Roomsets

While browsing the net recently, I happened upon the site of interior design company based in East Sussex, UK.

Turns out Peter Banks does 'roomsets' for Ralph Lauren and it didn't take me long to fall in love with his warm, cosy, inviting English interiors.

The first two images below are among the first of many unforgettable images I saw in New York city on my last visit.  Yes, it was a 'roomset' at Ralph Lauren's Madison Avenue store and by the time I got to the top floor and walked into this room, I felt like I had been transported to the south of France.......and I was in love! How could I not be?  Can you imagine walking into a room like this and not 'feeling' the ambience...........oh yes, I felt it all a bolt of lightning!  It certainly perked me up and really gave me a whole new awareness of 'interior design' was an impeccably designed room......that is, I could have moved right in and felt at home immediately!

Hope you enjoy and as always, I appreciate your visits and look forward to your feedback!

Have a great day!

Above images Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York 2010

Ralph Lauren - Watch Hill 
I absolutely love this summery, coastal look!

A Ralph Lauren cottage it!

Isn't this English interior dreamy?

Above 3 images, Peter Banks of McOwen and Banks for Ralph Lauren
English Mansion Roomsets

Peter Banks for Ralph Lauren
Country House Roomsets

Peter Banks for Ralph Lauren
North Atlantic Roomsets

Friday, June 15, 2012

English Country Beach Cottage

This charming cottage is a total reflection of the homeowner, designer Podge Bune (love that name!).

Podge has lovingly collected and curated her belongings over her lifetime and lives with not only her beautiful collections, but her most meaningful.

To see more of this shingled home at the beach and to read an interview with Podge, check out

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

All images via House Beautiful

Monday, August 08, 2011

Oh, Mario.............!

Anyone who has ever had the faintest interest in interior design has to have come across the work of American designer Mario Buatta.......known as the 'Prince of Chintz'!

He has the ability to take any space and turn it into an English country setting.  He is the first to admit, though, that his rooms "do not appear overnight from a department store showroom"......nor should they.  He is a firm believer in collaborating with his clients so there are never any surprises.  The final results of his rooms evolve with a great mix of antique and new furniture, his wonderful mix of fabrics - chintz, stripes, ginghams and his beautiful background colors that bring his rooms together.  I also love that he appreciates 'collections' and displays them appropriately....his personal dog art collection is a delight!

I have chosen his floral, feminine rooms to post here, but this designer knows no bounds......his masculine rooms and his gender neutral rooms are to die for.  His interiors are such classics! 

The following rooms are samplings from some of the many different homes he has designed.

Hope you enjoy his look as much as I do.......

This is the first Mario Buatta room I ever saw and I have been
hooked ever since.
Kips Bay Show House
House Beautiful cover back in the 80s and I still have it!

All photos via Architectural Digest
Last photo from House Beautiful