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Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving the Art of Jennifer Lanne!

I discovered Jennifer's art a few years ago while perusing a Country Living magazine and have followed her work since.

The article described her happy life on a farm in New York state where she resides with her husband and a band of characters better known as her happy family.....their two Saddleback pigs, Violet and Olive, cats, araucana hens.....all of whom have names, I'm sure, it's just that I don't know them!  I do know they are all cherished and I was delighted to note in the article that vintage doll cribs are used for her cats beds!  What a great idea!

Jennifer's studio is a large barn on their property, so her work is inspired by her surroundings - her beloved pets, flora and fauna, other farms, birds and nature in general.  Her painting style is a mix of rustic and refined with an overall vintage look........and her art speaks volumes about her daily life.

Sounds idyllic and looks idyllic......despite the fact life is very busy as Jennifer travels about to country fairs and displays her work in many retail outlets throughout the United States.

For more on her art and where to find it, go to and you will find another source of her paintings at

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


One for the Money

Don't Be Shy


White Noise


Green Velvet

Crow Cherries

Barn Studio

Beloved Violet and Olive

All photos via Country Living and