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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Kelli Ford's Southampton Home

Sometimes it's kind of nice to think about summer homes while experiencing the deep snows of winter on Canada's east coast.

So, since I came upon Kelli Ford's Southampton summer home in Veranda recently, I thought I would add to my 3 other posts about her homes herehere and here.  It's always fun to follow the wealthy with multi homes and see how they live, especially when they are as colorful and beautifully designed as the Ford homes.

As a lover of color and avid art collectors, Kelli and her family are able to enjoy the comforts of their homes scattered across the country and surround themselves with what they love as they travel.  It can't get much better than that.


I love this bedroom!  The colors are absolutely sumptuous.
The tv is hidden in the cabinet at the foot of the bed - hydraulically controlled, of course.
The top of the cabinet rises to display the tv.

Bedroom seating area.

What a beautiful mix of colors and fabrics on the veranda with multi seating areas for entertaining.
Black striped cushions, brown buffalo check chairs with a dash of coral.

KirstenKelli Designs


Friday, September 20, 2013

Kelli Ford's Beverly Hills Vacation Home

So far, we've seen the Southampton guest house and Dallas home of designer Kelli Ford.

Now, take a peak at her Beverly Hills vacation home that she shares with her husband, Jerry Ford, and daughters.



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kelli Ford's Dallas Home

Remember this post from May?  See the rest of it here.

It is designer Kelli Ford's Southampton guest house - across the road from their Southampton vacation home.  Kelli and her sister, Kirsten Fitzgibbons, own the interior design firm KirstenKelli, and a gift shop by the name of Madison in Dallas.

Kelli Ford's Southampton guest house

Going through some old magazines (again!) and came upon Kelli and her husband, Jerry's, Dallas home that was featured in Veranda last year.

These ladies love blue - all shades of it!


Dallas Foyer

Art lined gallery

Living room

Love the ceiling detail


Stunning birdcage-like chandelier (there are two in this room!)

Mahogany panelled great room

Master bedroom


Sumptuous terrace!

Delightful loggia!

This indoor swimming pool was featured on Million Dollar Rooms, HGTV

January-February 2012

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Kelli Ford's Southampton Guest Cottage

Hi there!

Look at the setting for this cottage on Shinnecock Bay in Long Island, NY!  Isn't it stunning?

Formerly owned by Carolyne Roehm, it is now the guest cottage for interior designer Kelli Ford who summers across the street.

After admiring the 5 bedroom cottage for years, it finally came up for sale and Kelli and her husband snapped it up to use as a retreat/guest cottage, while keeping the future of their two young girls in mind as a way to bring them back after leaving home.

Kelli happens to be one half of the design firm KirstenKelli Designs that she shares with her sister.

Carolyne (the previous owner), had done the living room in blue delft tiles and the bathroom in the dark blue.  Kelli and Kirsten picked up on that and carried on with their vision of the cottage and added their own touches in the form of beautiful fabrics, wonderful colors and accessories.

To see more of this fabulous getaway, check out the current issue of Veranda.


Veranda via Curbed