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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pining for Plaids

The weather is getting colder by the day and that has me thinking of warm woolly blankets and cozy interiors - and what is warmer and cozier than the sight of plaids and tartans.

Let's see what's out there and how we can whip up a little winter atmosphere!

 Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta

 Betsy Speert

Gary Riggs

Scott Meacham Wood




Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren


Worthingcourt Blog


Content in a Cottage

Williams Sonoma

 Country House Interiors

And if you're a home sewer, here's a great do-it-yourself project to add to your home.

SaltandPepperMoms Blog


I've attempted to find something for everyone, young and old, vignettes, whole rooms, blankets, lampshades, books and of course, your best friend with it's little dog coat.

You can go all out with the plaids and tartans or just go with a touch of it - it's a wonderful addition to any room.  And that beautiful, decadent throw would be so easy to make with a wool blanket and some faux fur.............just saying!  It's a thought for my hubby's Christmas gift!  

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Last Honest Man in Havana

Hello Everyone!

Wow!  It feels good (and so natural) to be sitting here writing on my blog.  So good, in fact, I have to wonder why I ever stopped in the first place.   

Who knows?  Sometimes, life happens so fast, it's hard to keep up with everything.  

Recently, however, there's been an exciting new development in our family and I wanted to share it with my readers (those of you who still check in now and then, anyway!)  According to my stats, I am getting more visitors now per day, than ever!  Who knew???

Here's the latest!  After working on her novel part-time for the past seven years, our daughter, Melanie, has finally published her book, The Last Honest Man in Havana, which takes place in Cuba during the 1980s and 90s.

For those of us who weren't familiar with what was really happening in Cuba at that time, here is an opportunity to find out.  I think you'll like the main characters, Rafael and Elena, and will learn to love them as you discover what they endured to survive the times.  It was very enlightening to me and I enjoyed it immensely and I highly recommend it! And not just because it was written by our daughter, but because it showed me how resilient, determined, creative and loving the people of Cuba are despite the obstacles they endured.  I know that personally, as well, because our son-in-law, Roberto, grew up in Cuba at that time and he managed to not only survive the hunger and deprivation, but has retained his wonderful sense of humor and has blossomed in his new life in Canada.  He, as you can imagine, has a deep seated appreciation for all that we sometimes take for granted, such as the mere ability to go to a grocery store and buy whatever you want, or to work hard and make a decent living, to be able to do what you want with your own hard earned money, or simply to hop in your own car and go to the beach for the day - you get the picture.  In other words, simple everyday pleasures.

You'll see what I mean when you read the book!

The book is available at, click here.
Also, at, click here.
And at here.

I'm certain you will enjoy this story and we would love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by today and I will be back soon with more interiors posts.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When My Baby Dreams

I saw Adele Enersen being interviewed on The Today Show this morning and fell in love with her creativity.

Now expecting her second child, this very artistic Finnish mother said she missed her baby Mila so much when she was sleeping, she began watching her and moving items of clothing around her as she slept to create small scenes.  Using old socks, sweaters, scarves, books, flowers and whatever else she can put her hands on around the house, she comes up with the most charming scenes. 

Her first book, When My Baby Dreams, has just been published this month and she is already working on a second book.



Cotton candy
Tree trunks are husband's socks!

Elephant (old blue cardigan)
Love it!

She loves me, loves me not

Surfer girl

Up and away
Images 1 - 5 Time magazine
Image 6 Amazon

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Home and Designs of Christina Strutt

I can't resist the story of a woman who starts a cottage industry from her home.....working alone at her kitchen table.  The likes of Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston, Jane Forman, Annie Selke, Lilly Pulitzer and many, many others come to mind.  But, today I would like to share the work of Christina Strutt, whose work I have been following for several years.

Today's post could have been titled 'The Books of Christina Strutt', 'The Textiles of Christina Strutt', 'The Vintage Chic of Christina Strutt', or an assortment of other titles, but I just happened to have a Country Home magazine that I was browsing through recently and came upon her home, so I will include her personal haven along with some of her creations.

As a stay at home mom with two young children, and a former Vogue stylist, living in a 600 year old, golden colored stone cottage outside of Bath, England, Christina avidly collected vintage fabrics and collectibles years ago.  What she couldn't find, she produced herself. 

However, she carried it further and began designing textiles at her kitchen table just over ten years ago.  Amazing what she has accomplished in that amount of time.  She is now the founder and owner of the British retailer, Cabbages and Roses,  has authored several books on vintage style, sewing and developing your own vintage, romantic look and continues to design.  Her products are sold within the Jigsaw stores in England and, of course, her books are sold everywhere.

Her combination of soft florals, checks, stripes and toiles is timeless and endlessly cosy and welcoming.  Her collection of reds only increases the warmth of the our long, cold east coast Canadian winters, springs and falls, I, too, have many shades of red in our rooms.....our climate demands it!

See her online shop at


Love this eat in kitchen!

Windowseat in upper left corner is in kitchen -
sage toile curtains

Christina at home

An image from one of her books

Images 1 - 6, Country Home
Image 7 Independent News, Image 8 The Foodie Bugle
Image 9 Shelterpop
Images 10 - 12, Amazon