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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Designer's Charming Home

While doing a little research on interiors the other night, I happened upon this charming home owned by interior designer, Wendy Valliere.

After years of producing wonderful interiors for her clients, and never having done a red kitchen, she decided it was time to do one for herself when she settled down in a small Vermont town.

Looking at her home, red is obviously a favorite color of hers, as it is tastefully interspersed throughout.  The red kitchen is a knockout, the red guest room is an absolute charm and where would the black and white master bedroom and bath be without those perfectly placed splashes of red?

I was thrilled to find the whole home that went with those gorgeous quilt top window treatments in the guest room, as I had used that exact image a while back in a post on "Decorating with Quilts".  And that swan bed is to die for!

Hope you enjoy this home as much as I did.  To see more, check out New England Home magazine.


All images via New England Home magazine