Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini Works of Art

I discovered these Japanese confectioneries recently and was truly taken with the colors and detail of the handmade, edible works of art known as wagashi.

While there are many kinds of wagashi, which are made of rice, flour and bean paste, it's the creative process that is so awe inspiring.  They are almost too pretty to eat!  Wouldn't you say?

How about a cup of tea and wagashi?


I'd swear this was a marble!


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Room of Her Own

I love these small rooms where a woman can tuck away at a moment's notice - we all need a space that we can call our own, don't you think?

A cosy getaway to write, read a book, listen to music, do needlework - whatever it is that you find relaxing - perhaps to just close your eyes and dream!

And it's no coincidence that these rooms are all in toile - just that much cosier!


Image 1 Diane Burn
Image 11 Alessandra Branca

Monday, April 08, 2013

Rooms in Bloom

Good morning, Everyone!

It's a bit overcast here this morning, so I immediately thought of colorful flowers as a pick me up.......which led me to my pinterest boards to pick out some of my favorite rooms in bloom.

Most of these rooms have been done by a bevy of the world's best designers.  Some are from years ago and some are contemporary. Most of these rooms are very, very traditional and some are what is referred to as new traditional.

And all are gorgeous, charming and all enveloping!


I fell in love with this room back in the 90s when I first saw it in Traditional Home and I still love it!
Designed by Gary McBournie.

The bedroom of Daniel Romauldez.

The New York living room of the late Mark Hampton and Duane Hampton
Since renovated.  Isn't it scrumptious?  Like stepping into a flower garden!

A cottage bedroom!

A contemporary bedroom by Cathy Kincaid......just lovely!

The living room of Oscar and Annette de la Renta.....beautiful!

Anthony Baratta's skilled design.

And Charlotte Moss' bedroom.

What a cheerful living room!  Love the shades of pink!
Traditional Home

Friday, April 05, 2013

Pure Joy!

Hope you all have as great a weekend as this dog appears to be having - pure joy!


Thursday, April 04, 2013

Lillian August's Beautiful Retreat

OK......enough of nurseries for now.  Let's get back to some adult interiors.

I came upon this house in Traditional Home recently and I thought it was one of the prettiest and most comfortable houses I have seen in a long time.  I have followed Lillian August's work for a long time and have loved it, but I particularly love this fresh, light look she has incorporated into her newfound retreat in Carolina.

There are so many adjectives to describe rooms, but my favorite is 'pretty' and while there are lots of beautiful rooms out there in many different styles - modern, contemporary, traditional, shabby, country, mid century, vintage, etc........sometimes it's hard to find 'pretty', inviting, comfortable, charming and low maintenance all in the same home.

This house covers it all!  Pure charm!

To see more of this home and Lillian's story, go here

What a lovely room - sisal rug, painted distressed furniture for low maintenance - no window treatments   - just lovely!

A closer view of the living room makes me want to paint, sand and pound all my dark furniture!  That's inspiration!

Love all the symmetry and colors.

Love the colors here, as well - can I say it again - so pretty!

Love it!

Wicker, sisal, birdcage, pink!  This is my cup of tea!

Love all of this and especially the stove!

A cosy corner!

How perfect is this?

And what house is complete without a furry little friend sitting on a bed of peonies?

All images from Traditional Home

Monday, April 01, 2013

Posh Nursery #3 - Ivory's another posh (royal) nursery........and this time it is completely gender neutral.

In order to keep it neutral, besides all the ivory colored furniture, I went with a complete animal theme in the art and accessories.  Can't go wrong there!  What child wouldn't love to be surrounded by animals!

Now, from what I have gleaned from my internet research, Kate really loves this Notte Fatata furniture.....and I must agree, it is really beautiful.  Look at the back of the becomes a headboard for a single bed later has lovely detail.........a little girly for a boy's single bed, but that's just a detail..........they'll get something else if they have a little prince.  Definitely need the heirloom armoires and chest that is also the change table!

I even went with a very tailored skirt on the bassinet.......nothing too ruffled or feminine.

The ceiling light is without bling and it is round, as is the mirror and the swirled fabric for the windows.

The wool rug is meant to cover the whole floor with some sheepskin rugs in front of the crib and one in front of that gorgeous child's Versailles chair.  Loved that!

Throw in some plush toys and a little bear rocking chair and there you go!

What do you think - is there a favorite among the three nurseries?

Let me know!!

(P.S.  I might still do a totally English country nursery with chintz and roses.......we'll see!)

Ivory Moodboard

The very neutral and beautiful Italian Notte Fatata furniture line

Notte Fatata change table

A neutral and tailored bassinet

A comfy nursing chair and ottoman

Animal art!

Child size Versailles chair

Ivory ceiling chandelier

Baby weathervane table lamp

A large, braided wool rug

Sheepskin rug

Swirl fabric

Plush giraffe family

A cute little bear rocking chair

White roses!

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